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Banner hosting (from a Simple Banner to Company logo with contact details and brief description of product or services) on the internet site


Options for the positioning of  Banners

              For new customers

Price in EURO

per Month

(1)  Global News 

Banner rotating with 7 other subscribers



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(2)   Catalogue of plant cultivation details

Banner rotating with 7 other subscribers



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(3) Companies and firms 

Insertion of logo, contact details (including link to home page) and brief communications describing products and services. Under the appropriate subsections: Production or Services. Production: Seeds and Young Plants; Growers; Chemical products; Equipment.  Services: Various Services, Internet Services, Links with the Sector, Research page.





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(4) Index Page

Insertion of Banner and link to home page


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(5) Insertion of listings and news bulletins

According to clients interest


ad hoc


A separate price list is available for clients wishing to promote new plant varieties and products on an annual basis in the ‘Novelties Gallery’ or the ‘Show Room’.  Please also note that we offer you the possibility of having brief news items published in Italian and English, free of charge, in the Global News and Information section; just send in your press releases, news bulletins and other such information.


Banner  size (compulsory): (W x H) 480 x 60 pixels

Maximum size - 25 Kbytes

Format: gif o jpeg