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Clamer Informa is pleased to offer its information and promotional services www.clamerinforma.it to all those operators interested to reach and to further strengthen  commercial and professional relationships with Italian operators in the sector of ornamental horticulture and landscape gardening.  To reach the Italian grower, garden centres, and other sales and distribution sectors, you're only one click away.



v      v    www.clamerinforma.it   On the English language page, click Banner Hosting (menu top left corner) for a description of the  performance and visibility of the Site with major research engines. Advertising with a Banner or through the Novelties Gallery is an ideal way to promote your products and services. For the Italian market there is no solution but to translate essential information into Italian; an expert translation service is provided at competitive rates.  The other bars provide information concerning Technical Translation, News Service, Contacts and the Website in Italian.

v      v    Novelties Gallery (central area of the screen) – is provided for new varieties of plants; ideal for breeders and seed companies. These areas represent an ideal promotional platform for new products which remain highly visible for the whole year. The cost varies according to the number of pages and links required - quotation on request.

v      v    News Archive (menu top right corner) provides technical summaries on new products (plants, production equipment and consumables), production techniques, experimental trials and events, published in Italian and English.

v      v    Jobs Horticulture for job recruitment and advertisements. Great potential to  promote  temporary Work Experience and 'Stages'  in the UK,  offered to students and young qualified people in Italy, and vice versa. Periods of 3-6 months with Nurseries, Landscape companies or Garden Centres. If the work is properly structured with training and language education included, then it will qualify as a 'stage'. Offers can also be placed on the Global News and promoted through Clamer Informa's regular E-News.

v      v    Our Italian Website (click Pubblicità menu top left) to obtain information on our well established monthly Trade Magazine "Clamer Informa". A major source of  specifically technical information for growers (rather than the more usual mix). Together with the Website, the digital monthly journal, the Facebook page Twitter account, presence on Issuu and Peecho, great opportunities for synergy between the  printed word and Internet are available for news, technical informationand and advertisements.

Clamer Informa  welcomes enquiries to discuss your interest in the Italian market and how best its services can be placed at your disposal including tailor made iniziatives. 

Clamer Informa greatly values its independence. If your business wants to share this precious resource, welcome on board  www.clamerinforma.it


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