<p>Kumar Group & Florist Holland B.V.: 25 years teaming at the top</p>

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Kumar Group & Florist Holland B.V.: 25 years teaming at the top


Joint-venture marks milestone of partnership, innovation and ambition

October 14th, Pune – India. KF Bioplants, joint venture between Kumar Group and Florist Holland B.V., has reached the quarter of a century milestone. KF Bioplants, the largest plant biotech company of India, develops and produces quality young plant material for the floricultural, ornamental, forestry and fruit industry for commercial cultivation worldwide. More recently KF Bioplants has entered a new business segment of vegetable seeds and seedlings.

Created in August 1992, the company looks back on an impressive record of innovative achievements and commitment to an ever growing group of clients, business partners and employees. KF Bioplants has grown from a small production laboratory to a large, full service research facility with a strong international focus and a wide-ranging product scope.

Mr. Melchior Moen, Managing Director of Florist Holland B.V.:"This milestone has only been possible by having the right people with us along the way. We value the commitment of our partners, customers and the dedication of our worldwide team. We can definitely be proud of how it works together internationally. We look forward to continuing our tradition of quality and excellence for the next 25 years. With a focus on dynamic growth and endless possibilities, we are excited to turning this silver into gold.” 

On the 14th of October, the company commemorates the occasion together with employees, clients and business partners from all over the world, during a festive ceremony in Pune, India.