<p>Thousands of Avalanche roses and dutch flowers for fairy tale wedding</p>

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Thousands of Avalanche roses and dutch flowers for fairy tale wedding


Dutch flowers, including 30.000 roses, will shine exclusively at the international glamour wedding of the year. 


For what promises to be one of the most fabulous weddings of the year Dutch roses will set the theme. Getting married are Jeff Leatham, one of the most famous celebrity floral designers in the world, and actor Colton Haynes, known for his parts in 'Teen Wolf' and 'Arrow'. The happy couple will celebrate its union on October 27th in California. Dress code: "Met Gala, drama, Philip Treacy hats, ladies in white gowns," according to Haynes. Of course Jeff's own team will take care of the floral styling. As so often for his floral masterpieces Leatham has choses his favourites for his own wedding: Dutch flowers.  


Top quality 

Meijer Roses supplies over 15.000 Avalanche+® roses for the wedding. These Dutch top roses are known for their size, top quality and the fact that the big buds always fully open. Colleagues who also supply flowers for the festivities are Fransen Rosen (15.000 red roses), Anco Pure Vanda (hundreds of Vanda orchids) and Walter Grootschoten, delivering a thousand Phalaenopsis orchids. A thousand Zantedeschia's by Mogro Aalsmeer will be used and Marc Boers Flower Export, called 'my flower daddy' by Leatham, also supplies part of the flowers and takes care of all logistics on location. 


Glamour wedding 

"It's going to be grand," Haynes says. "Artists, designers, celebrities and of course the most beautiful flowers in the world, because you can leave that to Jeff. We are very much looking forward to it, it's going to be a spectacular party." The Dutch contributions have been flown in on Monday and are now being arranged at the wedding venue.