<p>Modiform and Thomsen are embracing the future together: synergy between both companies leads to more options for customers</p>

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Modiform and Thomsen are embracing the future together: synergy between both companies leads to more options for customers


Leusden, 19 april 2018 - On 26 April 2018, the French company Thomsen will join Modiform. Both companies develop and produce growing, transport, and packaging systems for the horticultural sector and beyond. Thomsen and Modiform have maintained close relations for a long time. Their activities and product ranges complement each other well. The merger will lead to more opportunities to develop client-specific options and new concepts. J.W. Ravensbergen, Modiform's Managing Director, says, ‘We are very excited that Thomsen is joining us, and we extend our warmest welcome to our new partner. There is no better match.’

Both companies are convinced that joining forces will create more options for their customers. Making purchasing and operational management more efficient will lead to further improvements in the levels of service offered. Modiform and Thomsen will continue to operate independently in 2018 when it comes to their production and deliveries to customers. Throughout the year, they will brainstorm on which business activities they will integrate and how they will prepare to do this. Thomsen’s production site in the French commune of Wormhout will remain in operation. Modiform will continue to invest in this location in the near future in order to meet the increasing market demand. The remaining business activities will be integrated as the year progresses.

Thomsen’s employees are positive about the merger. J.W. Ravensbergen said, ‘All jobs will be retained, and we will start exchange programmes in the coming months in order to get to know one other. Our customers won’t even notice the merger.’

About Modiform
Modiform focuses on the various links in the chain and is always looking for ways in which the various parties can collaborate, from breeder to grower and on to retailer. Modiform supports, facilitates and develops a whole spectrum of solutions – from simple to complex – for packaging needs and consistently adds value for the customer. Thinking and acting sustainably is in the genes of this family company. Modiform collects material from wider society and upcycles them into high-quality and unique products as well as innovative concepts.

About Thomsen
Vilhelm Thomsen launched the plastic flowerpot in Europe in 1961. In doing so, he laid the foundations for the company that his grandson Gino Van Helleputte founded in 1995. Thanks to his leadership, the French producer of high-quality propagation pots for the horticultural sector grew to become the market trendsetter. Naturally, Modiform and Thomsen will further strengthen and deepen this position together. Thomsen has, in spite of the growth, remained a family company, just like Modiform.