Moscow calls for Fides varieties

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Moscow calls for Fides varieties

Traders and florists reacted enthusiastically at the Fides novelties, shown at the important trade fair Flowers Expo 2011 in Moscow. In the booth, the many visitors viewed the new spray chrysanthemums Reykjavik, Korona and Celebrate. Feeling Green Dark and Country remain popular as well. Also the Kalanchoës, pot Chrysanthemums and Calandiva® of Fides are clearly gaining.

During Flowers Expo, the presentation of Fides is an eyecatcher. The introduction of Reykjavik, a rose-white Chrysanthemum with a particular strong durability and colour fastness and the velvety red Merlot are absolutely top varieties. The present florists reacted very enthusiastically about the way the varieties are arranged and they are amazed by the colourfulness of the stand.
Pot plants
The newest and most demanded Calandiva® varieties are central staged at the potplants. There are also many particularly pot Chrysanthemums shown, including the successful Splash Meadow and new Splash Icestar. The quality and the choice in the assortment of Fides is herein recognized.
Fides is a company that is specialized in breeding and propagation of cut Chrysanthemums and pot Chrysanthemums, Kalanchoe, decorative Kalanchoe (Calandiva®), Pelargonium, Osteospermum, Impatiens New Guinea, pot Dahlia, Multiflora Chrysanthemums, Petunia, Nemesia, Calibrachoa and pot Aster.

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