Quality and quantity of light falling on plants

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Quality and quantity of light falling on plants
The Light Scout DL100 light meter accurately measures PAR (photosynthetically active light) and the DLI or Daily Light Integral. or the accumulated amount of light that falls on a given plant over 24 hours. Each type of plant has a different DLI range for optimum growth. This gives growers the ability to match a plant’s light requirements with the actual light conditions at the given location and what needs to be done to optimize the light falling on a given production. Real-time light intensity levels are shown every 4 seconds.

This instrument won the manufacturer the AE50 Outstanding Innovation award in 2010 from the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers.

Growers can place a light meters outside the greenhouse, another on a bench and a third in the pot of an individual plant. Equally they might place them in corners of a greenhouse. The meter is a useful instrument not just for greenhouse growers but also to determine exact light levels being received by turfgrass or trees (conditions of semi-shade or full sun etc.) prior to planting or later. The meter is contructed with a long ‘tail’ that can be stuck firmly into a the substrate of a pot plant or into the soil. The product is sold with background information and instructions. www.specmeters.com/Light_Meters/LightScout_DLI_100_Light_Meter.htmlFor further information, Spectrum Technologies Inc. , Fax: 001 815 436-4460, E-mail: info@specmeters.com www.specmeters.com/Light_Meters/