Bock Bio Science awarded German Prize of Innovation in Horticulture 2011

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Bock Bio Science awarded German Prize of Innovation in Horticulture 2011

Aiming at fostering and promoting Germany as a centre of innovation, the Federal Ministry of Food, Agriculture, and Consumer Protection (BMELV) yearly awards the “German Prize of Innovation in Horticulture” for outstanding and exemplary innovations in horticulture.

This year the prize was awarded for a service package that supports plant breeders in propagating and marketing their novelties, emphasizing that innovation can not only originate from competition but also from a close cooperation of small and medium-sized companies.
Winner in the category „Cooperation/Business Organisation“ is the family-owned biotechnology enterprise Bock Bio Science from Bremen that offers its service package „Bock TC Services“ for the propagation of selected breedings, thus assisting to discover hidden treasures developed by European breeders. The main focus is the fast, cost-efficient, and environmentally friendly propagation of clones using tissue culture.
The highly competitive market for ornamental and crop plants is exposed to constant change and new varieties have to fulfil the demand for superior products at fair market prices. The process of developing and marketing a new product is elaborate, time-consuming, and poses a multitude of challenges. Many small and medium-sized horticulture companies possess high-quality own breedings and selections that are available in the market only in small quantities as the mother plants can be reproduced slowly by division and the sowing does not produce a sufficient quantity of homogeneous offsprings. It is not uncommon that valuable small populations are destroyed by diseases or pests. Reproducing such plants by tissue culture in large quantities within short time offers those companies new marketing potential and ensures their survivability in an international market that constantly demands for novelties but is at the same time interested in marketable large quantities.
Apart from the specific development of cloning protocols and the exclusive production of young plants, Bock Bio Science offers other services such as the selection of healthy mother plants, phytopathogen diagnostics and elimination, rejuvenation of woody species, and the conservation of valuable varieties. The company posses its own state-of-the-art laboratories, large growing rooms, a modern LED light system for the development of light protocols as well as well experienced and highly qualified scientific personnel. The service package furthermore comprises the scientific and technical consulting and the support in the field of property rights (national and international plant breeders’ rights).
The well-respected award was presented to the managing partners of Bock Bio Science, Mr Stephan von Rundstedt and his wife, Mrs Friederike von Rundstedt on the occasion of the German Horticulture Day by the Central Association for Horticulture (ZVG) that took place at the Federal Horticultural Show BUGA 2011 in Koblenz on Friday, the 2nd of September 2011.
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