Novelty Splash Icestar experiences successful introduction

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Novelty Splash Icestar experiences successful introduction

Since the introduction of Splash Icestar at week 33 by Gebr. Nederpel Potplanten, this striking white and playful appearance gets full attention. Several trading companies, retailers  and consumers become familiar with this very durable plant.

This novelty is standard available at major cash & carry’s in the Netherlands. Like Splash Meadow, Splash Icestar is much sold in the Netherlands, Belgium and Scandinavia. Thereby, sales in Russia is just get going. Also there, this novelty is appreciated and a demand for this novelty is created.
Splash Icestar characterizes itself by its playful and bright white flowers, and by its good shelf life. Besides, this product is easy for consumers to care for and therefore, it’s the ideal plant to give as a gift or to brighten the home, patio and office. 

To increase the recognition in the market, the Splash Icestar is available in a recognizable sleeve and she has her own consumer website. There, you can get more information. You can reach this page via the following address:
For more information, please contact:
Theo Nederpel, Gebr. Nederpel Potplanten at +31 (0)6 21 21 11 99 or via
Chrysanthemum 'Splash Icestar'