Dutch Creations offers Alden Biesen flowers and plants

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Dutch Creations offers Alden Biesen flowers and plants

When the sweet summer sun is shining on the impressive buildings of Alden Biesen and thousands of flowers create a spectacular view you will surely experience a “Wow” Feeling! Flowers for love is the theme of the 16th edition of the international known flower arranging event with not only top level flower arrangements, but also presentations, demonstrations and even a flower wedding!

Flower sponsor

Dutch Creations is proud to flower the most important floral events worldwide! Dutch Creations will be sponsoring the FleurAmour in Alden Biesen with flowers again this year. The good cooperation between Dutch Creations and Rekad, the biggest “green” publisher of Belgium, makes sure that visitors of Alden Biesen will understand Dutch Creation’s passion for flowers.


The 16th edition of the international known flower arranging event will be held in the commandery of Alden Biesen, from the 23th until the 26th of September 2011. This year’s theme will be “FLEURAMOUR, Passion for flowers”. You will find lots of new flower varieties, the latest floristic and decoration trends, original wedding flower arrangements on the catwalk and many more.

10.000 Flowers will be used in contemporary as well as nostalgic top level flower arrangements. Flower arrangements fans and top florists from all over the world meet each other on this event every year. Together they make this event an unique artistic experience where everyone speaks the same language: the language of flower art.

The website, www.dutch-creations.com, is available in many different languages and provides you with information about FleurAmour. There is however more. During the rest of the year the website will give inspiration and information for florists, designers, growers, traders, retailers and even consumers. Dutch Creations sends digital newsletters with inspiring articles and product information to hundreds of thousands of florists worldwide.

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About Dutch Creations
Dutch Creations is a collaboration of leading breeding companies such as Anthura, Barberet & Blanc, Corn. Bak, Fides, Schreurs and Van den Bos Flowerbulbs. The combined product range is very complete and includes 30 product groups in which the top 10 of cut flowers and flowering pot plants is largely represented. The combination of knowledge and networks of the breeders inspires and helps international retailers and wholesalers in translating their specific requirements in terms of flowers and plants.

Please also see www.dutchcreations.com