Horti Fair Press Award 2011 Goes To Redufuse From Mardenkro B.V.

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Horti Fair Press Award 2011 Goes To Redufuse From Mardenkro B.V.

New award shines an even brighter spotlight on innovations at Horti Fair 

Horti Fair Press Award 2011 Goes To Redufuse From Mardenkro B.V.
Amsterdam, 1 November 2011 ReduFuse, a product from Mardenkro B.V., is the winner of the Horti Fair Press Award, the new award that a jury of press representatives from major horticultural titles chose as being the most striking new product exhibited at the Horti Fair. From innovations previously nominated by a jury of international experts, representatives from trade magazines Groenten & Fruit, Glastuinbouwtechniek/Sierteeltmarketing, De Bloemenkrant, KAS and Onder glas selected the winner that they thought was the most outstanding and deserving of the Press Award 2011. The press jury looked not only at each product’s innovative qualities but, perhaps even more importantly, its practical application, and presented an incentive award to HortiMaX B.V. for its IrrigatieChecker.
Jury’s report on the winner, ReduFuse
‘With its ReduFuse’, according to the jury’s report, ‘Mardenkro has a new product which is applicable throughout greenhouse horticulture: a removable coating that for all intents and purposes can be used at every business in horticulture under glass. Last year, much was said and written about diffuse glass. Research had shown that this glass generates a 7 to 10% increase in production. But the application of diffuse glass is possible only once a grower decides to build a new greenhouse or replaces the roof of his existing greenhouse. For this reason, many greenhouses with diffuse glass will be built in coming years.
This new product was the subject of much discussion at last year’s Horti Fair, but it was not yet available for commercial use. Due to its immense added value, low investment and its broad range of application, Mardenkro’s ReduFuse was the unanimous winner of the Press Award.’
Incentive award goes to HortiMaX B.V.
For the incentive award, the press jury selected the IrrigatieChecker from HortiMaX B.V. This IrrigatieChecker accurately and efficiently measures the amount of irrigation applied by a reference dripper so that the grower can monitor the distribution of water in the greenhouse during each irrigation cycle and over an entire irrigation period. ‘This is a simple invention yet one with a wide range of application – something from which all substrate growers can benefit. This system eliminates the need to monitor the actual amount of irrigation with a measuring cup, bucket or beer bottle. The system is simple and inexpensive’, according to the press jury.
All the new products launched at the Horti Fair can be seen at www.hortifair.nl.
The International Horti Fair is open every day from 10.00 to 19.00 hours, 1 to 4 November 2011 inclusive in the Amsterdam RAI. Be sure to visit www.hortifair.nl for a list of all the exhibitors, new products and activities going on at the most highly attended trade event for professional horticulture. The website is also the place to order e-tickets for free admission.

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