Beyond Imagination by Stef Adriaenssens - proudly flowered by Dutch Creations

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Beyond Imagination by Stef Adriaenssens - proudly flowered by Dutch Creations

On the special occasion of his 25th floral anniversary, Stef Adriaenssens will organize an international floral event from 21– 27 November in Lier (Belgium). The name of the event is ‘Beyond Imagination’.
Dutch Creations will supply the event with a large amount of flowers such as Roses, Chrysanthemums, Gerberas and Lilies.

With the co-operation of the City of Lier and by using the largest Belgian academy as a partner - The Urban Academy of Music, Dance and Word - Stef has introduced visual and aural stimuli to match his floral works, which together will combine to lift the event to a sublime level. More than forty florists and designers from eight different countries will participate in this exceptional project with a subtle wink towards Christmas.
Old convent
The grounds of an old convent and the inner garden will be decorated with spectacular sculptural designs. Whereas the many inner rooms of the old convent will show the finesse and refined works of floral art that we also associate with Stef. The atmosphere of the old convent, refined with the smell of fragrant flowers combined with music and dance will take the spectators on a magical journey through enchanting landscapes and dream-like interiors. This exposition will certainly be one of the most prestigious floral events of the year.
Book Stef Adriaenssens
At the exposition Stef also introduces his first book: ‘Beyond Imagination’, which he will sign during a couple of hours every day.
Practical Information
On Monday 21st and Tuesday 22nd of November Beyond Imagination will only be accessible by professionals as the exposition will be open for the general public until the 27th of November.
Beyond Imagination: Gasthuisvest, B-2500 Lier, Belgium
Open exclusively for florists: 21st - 22nd November 8.30 AM – 21.00 PM
24 november 19.30 PM – 23.00 PM
Open for general public: 23 – 27 november 10.00 – 21.00
Tickets: Presale: : 10.00 euro at
Sale: 12.00 euro at expo
About Dutch Creations
Dutch Creations is a cooperation between the leading breeding companies Anthura, Barberet & Blanc, Corn Bak, Fides, Van den Bos Flowerbulbs and Schreurs. Their shared portfolio includes a beautiful, wide range of cut flowers and pot plants such as carnations, roses, lilies, anthuriums, phaleanopsis, gerberas, chrysanthemums, bromelias and calandiva®. The combination of knowledge and networks of the breeders inspires and helps florists and wholesalers in translating their specific requirements in terms of flowers and plants.

For more information or floral inspirations, please visit our website, or You can also follow us on Twitter, @dutchcreations.