Tree forms for Mandevilla Vogue® series

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Tree forms for Mandevilla Vogue® series
The series of Mandevilla Vogue® from Amerinuova in California, are especially suited to growing to various stardard and semi-standard tree forms. This is an important project being undertaken by Vivai Piante e Fiori Cairo & Doutcher in Italy that recently presented some of these tree forms at Pantarium 2011. The Nursery is also trialling a range of other varieties some of which are as yet unnamed. The Vogue® series are also known for their resistance to heat, humidity, low water, and their adaptability for cultivation in hanging baskets and pots. To date there are 6 named varieties.

They originate from selections made by horticulturalist Dr. Allan Armitage, tested at the trial gardens of University of Giorgia

Promising new varieties are licensed and subject to market development by Amerinuova part of Euro Americam Propagators. The founder of Euro American propagators, John Rader, together with Garry Grüber of Kientzler KG, Germany, established the International marketing cooperative Proven Winners. Euroamericani s the second largest grower of liner young plants in North America.

In the US, Mandevilla Vogue® ‘Audrey’ (deep red) and ‘Ginger’ (pink), were fisrt introduced in 2009 as Proven Winner selections and then distributed in other parts of the world by Danzinger and Cairo & Doutcher. For 2012, Proven Winners will introduce Vogue® ‘Rita’. In the US, patents have been applied for two other varieties ‘Vivian’ and ‘Sophia’. For Cairo & Doutcher di Cairo U. & Rizzo S. snc. Fax: 0039 83 29371093.