The Plantarium 2012 theme is Communication

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The Plantarium 2012 theme is Communication

2 January 2012
The 2012 Plantarium international nursery stock trade fair has chosen "Communication" as its theme. Every entrepreneur benefits from good communication that reaches the target groups efficiently and in the course of which the customer is listened to. The arrival of new "social" media, such as Twitter and Facebook has been of major influence on the way in which we communicate. How do you deal with that as a businessman in the horticultural sector?

In its own communication, Plantarium will also be using Twitter and Facebook in addition to the printed forms of communication and the Internet. At Plantarium, communication is the central theme and participants will also take up this theme.

The global presence of social media forces producers and traders to operate transparently. Customers have become much more articulate. Issues such as production method, pricing, added value and customer friendliness come into play. This demands a change of entrepreneurship, which is quite a challenge. By choosing Communication as the theme for 2012, Plantarium has also accepted that challenge.

Plantarium 2012 will be held in the Plantarium Building, International Trade Centre Boskoop-Hazerswoude (NL) from Wednesday 22 – Saturday 25 August 2012.

For more information: trade fair manager Jos van Lint, tel. +31 (0)172 235400 or mail to The participation form can be downloaded on