Hydrangea Symposium 2012, France

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Hydrangea Symposium 2012, France
An international symposium called Hydrangea 2012 will be held at the Terra Botanica Park, Angers, France, 5-6 July. The event is held approximately every three years and has previously been hosted in the USA and Belgium. The symposium theme will consider what can be done to develop and improve the Hydrangea market taking into account environmental and commercial constraints and what production developments can be foreseen. About 300 professionals from various parts of the world are expected to take part.

The main aim of the event is to stimulate communication between Hydrangea specialists (scientists, growers, breeders and collectors) and to pinpoint new challenges for Hydrangea research, production and marketing. More specifically, symposium sessions will consider: the origin and genetic diversity of the Hydrangea and the management of genetic resources; current physiological, biological and genetic knowledge of the Hydrangea; cultivation techniques and development strategies; the market for hydrangeas in 2025 considering their utilization as an outdoor shrub in parks & gardens or as pot plant and cut-flower in interior situations. The deadline by which proposals to give papers and posters at the conference is 15 January 2012.

To subscribe to the symposium, E-mail: inscription@hydrangea2012.com. Participants can also become partners by taking exhibition space (3 or 6m2) and making presentations to gain high visibility. For all other information contact Ghislain Bousseau, Fax: 0033 241452905, E-mail: g.bousseau@bhr-vegetal.com www.hydrangea2012.comThe symposium is organized by HW2 (Hydrangea World Wide/Planète Hortensia) Association) with the support of BHR (Bureau Horticole Régional), growers and amateurs.

Angers is situated in the Pays de la Loire region, the most important in France for the production of Hydrangea for forcing. It is also well known for its other horticultural productions, parks and gardens, mansions and castles: www.anjou-tourisme.com