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A neat solution for greenhouse heating
The VLHC (Ventilated Latent Heat Converter) from Israeli Company, AGAM Energy Systems, converts the latent heat stored in water vapour inside cold greenhouses into usable heat, greatly reducing energy consumption. The Company displayed this technology at HortiFair 2011. The equipment, attached to the external wall of the greenhouse, takes humid air from inside the greenhouse (along with fresh air as an option). This air is blown through a matrix of elements in a cooling tower filled with a dessicant where water vapour condenses into water with the release of heat. The warmed dry air is released into the greenhouse. The system therefore heats and dehumidifies the greenhouse, thereby saving on fungicide applications. Furthermore, the system cleans and filters greenhouse air, without expelling CO2 enriched air, reducing the need for external cold air input. The Israeli Ministry of Agriculture R&D Centre, Arava valley, compared the VLHC system with ordinary greenhouse heating from hot water pipes, and reported that VLHC system can save more than 60% of the energy costs. A VLHC unit that consumes 25kW of energy is able to generate a direct surpluss of 70kW. Further information from AGAM Energy Systems, Fax: 00972 97603689, E-mail: