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Flower power of Streptocarpus from seed
Floranova introduced four seed-raised varieties of Streptocarpus in the series ‘Cape Cool’. Growers and plug producers will appreciate the 90% germination rate of the pelleted seed, production economics and the positive characteritics of the mature plants: tidier rosette of smaller, shorter leaves as opposed to the typical long strap-like leaves of vegetatively propagated varieties (from leaf-cuttings). The seed-raised varieties are also excellent for outdoor planting in conditions of semi-shade and temperatures above 12-13°, providing colourful landscapes. Plant height and spread is about 15 x 20cm. The ‘Cape Cool’ varieties are named: Blue Shades, (light blue with veining), Bergundy Shades (solid red-mauve), Pink Shades (slightly ruffled petal margins) and White (with yellow centre). Seed is also available as a mixture.

A large range of stunning vegetative varieties is today available from breeders such as: Dibleys Nurseries in England and Fleischle Gartenbau in Germany www.streptocarpus.deDibleys ‘Sweet Melys’ (2012) is said the be the first scented variety.

Years ago, Floranova achieved a breakthrough with the first ever seed-raised F1 hybrid Streptocarpus series called ‘Concorde’. This was followed by the larger flowered ‘Royal’ series. Duration of flowers and their ethylene sensitivity in transport and sales were weaknesses. Improved post-harvest treatments help overcome this and consumers are now better informed about the great and continuous flower power of the modern varieties. For Floranova: As of 5th July 2012 their US office is now located in Pierceton: