New world class botanical gardens, Singapore

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New world class botanical gardens, Singapore
After 6 years of development, the 54ha ecologically sustainable ‘Gardens by the Bay’, project in Singapore were opened on the 29th June 2012. This amazing project, costing £500 million, succeeds to create one of the best horticultural spaces in the world for plants, recreation and tourism, situated in the heart of Singapore.

The underlying landscape design by Grant Associates, England, is based on the Orchid, the country’s national flower. Included in the space are various theme gardens reflecting local ethnic groups and their history, lakes and 2ha of conservatories on the waterfront, designed by William Eyre Architects. Fax: 0044 2076087901, Email:

The double-glazed cladding of both conservatories allows 65% of the light to enter but only 35% of the solar heat. Rolled triangular screens are unfurled according to the requirements for shade. The Flower Dome provides a Mediterraean climate. Cool air enters from chilled water pipes in the floor slabs and warm air is vented out at the top. The Cloud Forest conservatory contains a 35m lattice concrete structure covered in epiphytic plants, provides a cool-moist environment found in tropical mountainous regions 1000-2000m in altitude.

A great novelty is the Supertree Grove. These artificial tree-like structures, 35-55m tall, give scale and dimension. The vertical trunks are covered with vertical greenery, mainly: bromeliads, orchids, tropical ferns and climbers. The ‘funnel-shaped’ upper parts act as rainwater collectors and provide support for photovoltaic panels and solar water heating. They have a major role in the integrated energy and water and systems that underpin the functioning of the entire garden and conservatories. Further information: Grant Associates, Fax: 0044 1225420803, Email: Video presentation (En):