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Leucanthemum x superbum ’Freak’
This new dwarf Shasta daisy variety has picked up awards in many countries. Bred by Har Stemkens of Syngenta, Holland, and introduced by Blooms of Bressingham Plants. It is a highly compact variety with large 5-6cm diameter flowers with white petals and yellow centres. Some petals are ricurved giving the flower a distinct appeal. Plants reach a height of 25cm in the first year when grown in pots, while in successive seasons when grown in the garden this will not exceed 30cm. Importantly the flowering period has been extended from April throughout the season, although flowers need to be periodically dead-headed. Growers can program weekly flowering starting at Easter. A finished plant can be produced in 10-12 weeks and plants require no pinching. ‘Freak’ is good for containers and garden borders. An additional advantage for the trade is that double the quantity of flowering pots plants of ‘Freak’ can be fitted on a trolley in comparison to less compact varieties.

Leucanthemum ‘Engelina’ was also introduced by Blooms of Bressingham Plants in 2012. This grows to a height of 50cm but has large fully double flowers with frilly white recurved petals. Flower stems are sturdy and do not need staking. Plants flower from the summer through to late autumn. The variety was selected by Irene Tibbenham in the UK in 2010. Young plants can be obtained from Gootjes Allplants: or Walter Blom Plants: Further information:
Louis Kester